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Hey guys!

I have recently started a Patreon page! With you guys' support, I'll be able to bring you guys more cool art content from fanart to original ideas/creations. There are all kinds of rewards if you subscribe, such as: high-res jpegs of sketches I do throughout the month, step-by-steps of Patreon paintings, thorough tutorials of those paintings, prints, and more! Please visit my page to see all the details!

I hope you choose to be a Patron. I will give you my very best every month!
Hey all!

I would like to provide my art services to this community by opening up some commission spots. 

Some guidelines:
  • I will draw: Fanart, OCs, D&D characters
  • No commercial art for film/game/animation. This can be discussed separately.
  • Payment method: Please pay via PayPal. I will require full payment upfront prior to starting.
  • Shipping: $10 US, $28 everywhere else
Pricing (all prices based on 1 character and on 9x12 paper):
  • Headshot - $60
  • Bust - $80 
  • Half to 3/4 body - $100
  • Full body - $140 (Option to draw it on 11x17 for additional $50)
  • Large scale characters (ie. Combiners, Omega Supreme, etc) - $220 (on 11 x 17 toned paper)
All art done will be black & white with gray marker renders. I typically use Micron pens, white paint, and copic markers on 9x12 toned paper.

Please send a note or email to with "Original Art Commission" in the subject line.